Hell’s Bells Loretta

I’m going down to the laundry mat
I’m gonna take my new blue jeans
I'm gonna wash them till they turn to dust
and smell like gasoline, and smell like gasoline

Lets go down to the rail road tracks
And wait for the number 9
And when it comes around the bend
We’ll hear the whistle whine, we’ll hear the whistle whine

Hell's Bells Loretta Why don’t you come too
I always do feel better When I’m out with you

I want to take you dancing Like my mama said
Swing you round in the moonlight
And wake up in your bed, and wake up in your bed
I got a dog named Nicky, I got a cat named Jake
I got a raven, I got a pig,  I got a rattle snake, I got a rattle snake


Will you be my lover? Will you be my friend?
Do you have twenty dollars
That you would like to lend, that you would like to lend?
In the winter time its cold out side In the summer time its hot
Maybe its my brilliant mind, maybe it is not, no maybe it is not


I’m going down to the gro-cer-ey store Gonna buy me a great big steak
Gonna wash it down with a bottle of beer and a piece of chocolate cake, and a piece of chocolate cake
If I were the king of France and I had all the gold
I’d hide it in the furnace room and spend it when I’m old, yea spend it when I’m old


There’s thunder in the atmosphere, there’s earth quakes in the ground
I always get the vertigo whenever you’re around, whenever you’re around
Where have you been my whole life where will you go today
What’s in store tomorrow?  There’s nothing else to say

Written by Sara Hoxie. Song appeared on the album For the Time We’re Here.