River, Fire and Music


The rivers have been sweet this summer.  We spent several days on the Trinity.  It has been running high but is starting to drop.  I started guiding again. With the kids it’s about ego but with me it is all a matter of self preservation. I’m a better guide than I remembered.

Sara Hoxie

Our wonderful  river co-op took a trip, spending time on the Trinity and the Klamath.  The Klamath is vastly underrated in terms of wildlife.  We saw a large bear, a pine martin, 3 otter (maybe more). There were osprey and bald eagles with nests full of fledglings.  One of the kids counted 49 turtles.  A bald eagle clobbered the water between the IK where Glenn was floating along and the boat where I was and took from the river an award winning steel-head.  We all applauded as she flew up river with her catch. The Klamath needs our protection.  It needs dam removal and the respect due all mighty rivers.

We spent a day in the pouring rain on the Witchepec Canyon.  This is a place where when the weather is warm and dry and the river is low we have spent some wonderful layovers. This time it was fishing season.  The local Native Americans were patient with us.  A gentleman gave Glenn a beautiful piece of dried salmon.  There were gill nets everywhere.  We were quiet and respectful and we picked our way past the floats.


My 20 year old thrill seeking, adrenalin pumping, testosterone warehouse of a son,  Ben has been driving past forest fires to reach class 5 whitewater.  It seems nothing can quell his passion for the gnarl so off he goes in to the Burnt Ranch Gorge.  An area below Big Flat, known as Del Loma has been burning.  I was hoping the fires would slow him down.  Alas, not.  So his father and I worry.  We wait for the phone to ring and for him to tell us how it went.  We know he has the love, a respectable amount of talent and brains when it comes to white water.  We want to know when he goes in and when he comes out.

There are other fires.  We could smell one tonight on the Coyote Porch.  It may be far away or it may be in the neighborhood.  There is no way of knowing. Sometimes down in the canyon the place will suddenly fill with smoke from a fire 60 miles away or more.  It drifts like ghosts and you can’t always know the origins.


This is a huge thank you to Albert and Joanne DeGroft for helping to redesign, print and press the new CDs.  We found a picture I took on the Rogue River a few years ago of Will (my youngest) standing by a waterfall.  Its the Waterfall Boy.  It’s perfect.  I now have about 50 stickers to stick on stuff.  The CDs are printed.

Tim and I played Barista’s the other night to a full house. Our next concert will be August 17 at 8:00.  I’ll send out reminders.


This website is here because Robb Lightfoot obtained my name www.sarahoxie.com.   I’m a dot com.  Who knew?  Thank you, Robb.  My learning curve is straight up and you are an awesome teacher!



4 responses to “River, Fire and Music”

  1. Robb Avatar

    Glad to help Sara. I love your work… and your family’s pretty neat, too.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Thanks Robb!

  2. Amy Manley Avatar
    Amy Manley

    Where can I find recordings? I heard you at Sierra Hot Springs and have always thought of your music and your love of rivers.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I can send you a CD, Waterfall Boy. I soon will have a new CD, Water and Stone, but it is not out yet.

      I just need to know where to send it. If you are incline to send $10 this way that would be good too. Send me an e mail at roadrunnerfarm@sbcglobal.net and I will ship it out too you.
      Thanks For contacting me. With all its “live CD” qualities it remains popular!

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