Lucky Ones

There are a hundred billion stars out there but we
have found ourselves together in this galaxy
and as we walk this world together in this time
we find our being here and now hard to define

There are a hundred billion stars out there tonight
We are the lucky ones who landed here just right
and all the white noise and back scatter that you ear
is just the universe unfolding in your ear.

We are the lucky ones we walk in light
We walk alone if we ever lose the site
and when we stop and remember how to feel
we may begin to know the breath of what is real

There are a trillion atoms in each flake of skin
that hold the being and the soul that lies with in
and if we treat this temple with such care and grace
It will provide us with a hand and heart and face

So listen for the ones who need a loving hand
Protect the mother and protect the sacred land
we are sustained within the systems of the earth
and every being that has life has also worth

We are the Lucky ones so give away
our hands an heart as we begin each day
for all we have beyond compassion is our soul
and we are lucky if this marriage makes us whole.

We humans walk and fight and take what we can take
it this brief light of consciousness this life we make
and all the pettiness will drown us if we fail
to give our gratitude for each breath we inhale.

So sing your praises to the sacred one
who holds a streetlight that is brighter that the sun
walk with mindfulness deliverance and sight
until the stars reclaim you back in to their light

We are the lucky ones so give away
and lift the others that you meet along the way
and as the days and nights roll over your sweet time
just know this gift that you are given is divine
Just know this gift that you are given is divine.

Written and Performed by Sara Hoxie. Song appeared on the album For the Time We’re Here