Marshall Parkers Quarry

Lets go swimming down in Marshall Parkers quarry
Where they used to get the gravel before the roads were paved
Where the alders and the willows and the rushes grow like pillows
And the dragon flies are daring and the damsel flies are brave

There are turtles on the ledges down in Marshall Parkers Quarry
Their ancestors discovered this one hundred years ago
They’re content to live their lives out a sleeping in he shadows
Dive for safety find some shelter it is all they ever know

All my life you have lingered here I and I have lingered with you
When the road was hard to see 
You have graced me in the fluid of your deepness 
Hold my grateful tears forever always keep a place for me.

The water is deep I never found the bottom
When I’d throw in a cobble it never would return
Though we don’t know the distance to the bottom
But those rings across the surface give me other things to learn


So good bye to Marshall Parkers quarry 
you have been a destination when the circumstances turn
I am leaving I am walking from this mountain
But the rings across the surface give me other things to learn

Written by Sara Hoxie. Song appeared on Waterfall Boy.