Trinity River Love Song

Here on the river things don’t change too much
Winter storms bring up the water
In late spring the miners return to their dredges
Followed by steelhead and otter
Tourists are smiling and taking the pictures 
of daring young white water rafters
while rapids respond with the same ancient language
a mixture of angers and laughter's

It isn’t that I don’t love you now
And it isn’t that you don’t love me
It’s just that your like this bank of the river
And I’m flowing on to the sea

Remember the summer we lived in the Chevy
Camped by the edge of the river
We ate the berries that grew in the tailings
And took what the spirit delivered
River provider and river denier
The parables told and we listened
We swam in the dark pools surrounded by morning 
And naked on black rocks we glistened.


I used to sit with my toes in the water
Watching it swirling and flowing
Following eddies and hearing the music
Wondering where it was going
I used to throw sticks for the big German Shepherd
She’d chase them and bring them back to me
But some times she’d just let them go with the river
And one day her reasons came to me

Written by Sara Hoxie. Song appeared on Prayer for Feather River and Waterfall Boy.