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The subject line of the first is
Cairns: Her Songs Have Heft. The second is Cairns: Dancing to the Songs

I don’t do advertisements in Cairns and what follows is not an
advertisement—in the sense that I am not deriving financial gain from
sending these emails. I am sending these songs to you for three reasons.

1. Alysia and I really, really like her music. We both often comment on how
often we find the lyrics (not just the tunes) running gently in our minds. We
often surface from sleep accompanied by her music. This power has
continued for months; her songs have staying power. So I can easily pass on her music to you as a gift, not as a pitch.

2. Sara Hoxie, the composer/artist of the attached songs, is a Chrysalis
teacher and I want to support her and help her music reach a wider audience.
Feel free to forward my emails with the attached songs to others.

3. In addition, some of you might appreciate much of her music as being
place-based. The first sample I send you (Trinity River Love Song) is an
example of this. Not only is it rooted in the Trinity River (about 60 miles
from here), the central imagery would tend to arise only in a composer who
has spent time by rivers.

If you like her music, you can go to
to order her CD.

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